Service & Repair Your Remote Control

Remote Repair, Diagnostics, and Maintenance

At 129 Remote Control, we aimed to provide you a one stop remote control replacement conveniently when your remote control breakdown. For some situation the remote control is a older model and some might be already discontinued and there is no other replacement at the moment, while your Air-Con, TV, Home Theater System and others is still in working and you wished to continue using it. 

This is when you will need to send your remote control in for our service & repair department handle by experience technician to check on your remote control on how bad the condition is and if they are still repairable. And when come to repair there is no 100% guarantee of repair will be successful as some remote control due to very badly corrosion or any other reason.

At 129 Remote Control, our experience technician will check and do at their best to save your remote control, and even if the repair is not successful when there is any replacement solutions for your remote we will keep you updated.

Usually the estimate repair duration may need about 7 to 21 days or earlier depending on the condition of the remote control.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.