Frequently Asked Questions

Questions 1)
What could be the reason that my current old remote control is not working?

Questions 2)
What could be the reason that my new remote remote control that just bought from your online store that is not working with my AC/TV or other devices? 


Answer for Question 1 and 2:
Many reasons could result in your remote not working with your unit, some of them are:
• Batteries are not working and not installed correctly.
• Your Unit's Infrared receiving receiver diode has gone bad. This is usually the case with older AC, TVs, VCRs, Fan Etc.

• Try rolling the batteries inside the battery compartment. This sometimes works as the springs are not making a good connection to the batteries.

• Remote may not be compatible with your equipment. Most likely if you purchased it from us, it is compatible. (Not too sure? Please enquiry with us before purchase or visit our local shop in Singapore) 

• Make sure your existing remote does not need programming. 

• Make sure your remote does not need programming, unless we specified that it was a universal remote or if required any setting.

• Remote needs to be paired with your TV. Please refer to your TV's operating manual for instructions. (Not too sure? Please enquiry with us)